Eatery - Ramen Yamadaya (CA) Revisited

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1175 Baker St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Japanese, Ramen

Why yes, I did return to Ramen Yamadaya so soon after my first visit [read the first review here]. Why is that, you ask? My little brother loves ramen, and I had taken him to work with me earlier that day. After being cold and doing a lot of physical work, we wanted to warm ourselves up with some delicious broth.


I actually convinced him to get the combo which was the ramen + gyoza + mabo tofu (there are other choices but this is what we got). The mabo tofu was very delicious - we both gave delighted thumbs up for it. The sticky rice made it very filling. I enjoyed how the gyoza was made to order and came out very hot. The filling was pretty good though could've been less salted.

I ordered the takoyaki as a side and found it quite delicious save for the saturation of sauce. I wiped off what I could since they seemed a tad drenched in sauce and savored the squishy freshness of the octopus.

As for my broth itself, I got the standard since last time, I had gotten the soy sauce noodles. It was definitely lighter than the other bowl I had had but just as good. The richness of all the marrow infused in the broth and the firmness of the noodles in my mouth made the night feel so much better. I only wish my stomach were big enough to handle all the food we ordered and my wallet large enough for how quickly everything added up!