Quips & Anecdotes - Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

I expected a big farmers' market when we decided to visit the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market for our San Francisco trip but I did not even imagine how amazing it would actually be. The Farmers' Market itself was huge from what we could already see as we walked towards the Ferry Building but we didn't know that it wrapped around the back as well as had the brick-and-mortar stores inside. I was in gastronome heaven.

There were so many specialty stores inside. A tea shop, a creamery shop (cheeses), a mushroom shop, several different chocolate shops, an olive oil place, several meat stores, and so forth.

We decided to get some things from Boccalone which sold salumi. We first bought the salame cone which had three different meats. That prompted us to want to get 4 oz. of their brown sugar & fennel salame for later that night. Despite the condescending conversation we had with the cashier while buying it, the experience was good because of the great salame we got.

Outside were a variety of stalls including some with quirky signs! We snagged some honey sticks from one of the many honey stalls as well as brunch at the Rose Pistola booth.

Though we had eaten already, we finally got to have our first freshly shucked oysters. We had the XS Sweetwater and the Kumamoto. I've mentioned before that I'm not a fan of seafood; I didn't really like the Kumamoto which I had undressed. The Sweetwater was manageable though. I guess I'll have to keep trying oysters to see if I'll get the hang of them.

They got washed down by these interesting sodas we bought (lavender and rose geranium flavors) which were naturally probiotic and effervescent. Neat bottles. Overall, I was in love with the Ferry Building Marketplace. I wish we had something like this near where we live so I could visit every weekend.