Eatery - Seafood Palace (CA)

6731 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA 92683
Pricing - $$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Chinese

 My family wanted to head over to get dim sum on Sunday before my brother moved to New York but we didn't end up being ready to leave until around 11:00am. While we normally go to Monterey Park to get dim sum, we didn't want to go so late in the day all the way there. My mom had heard of a place nearby that recently opened that served dim sum.


So off we went. I should've immediately been alerted when she mentioned how all dim sum was $2. Even the sign outside was a red flag for me. Inside it looked strange with all the tables with chivari chairs (clashing!). There were few dim sum carts around but we managed to get food albeit slowly. Of the food, I only liked the two tripe dishes we had (one was the spicy blood/tripe stew and the other a slick bell peppery dish) and the crispy octopus which was so fried that it was just like eating crispies.


All the dim sum standards were quite sub-par (shu mai, har gow, shrimp rice noodle); they were larger than normal but bigger doesn't mean better. We also got chicken feet which I didn't try, wontons which were alright, and soup dumplings which were terribly dry. Everything, including the dishes I liked, was way too salty. I was so thirsty after the meal.

For dessert, there wasn't any dan ta! The HORROR! Instead we got the egg custard filled pastries but the bread was basically just that, not the sweet Chinese buns I'm used to. Sadness indeed. Not planning on coming back here despite the cheap prices.