Quips & Anecdotes - More Salads

More salads! I've noticed that ever since I've started work, it's been more difficult to get exercise time in. Because of this, I want to get more aggressive with what I eat since the physical activity is limited unfortunately. Fortunately, I've managed to convince Duc to join me in this venture (and he didn't resist at all!). What this has meant is that I have been trying to get creative by eating a heck-of-a-lot more greens in well-balanced salads, and he's been joining in on the meals! It's actually been quite great since salads always taste so refreshing. We just recently stocked up on supplies to fix ourselves our veggie-heavy meals so here's to a fun next few weeks. If you have any favorite salad recipes to shoot my way, please do so! Meanwhile, I'll post whatever concoctions we create if they tickle our fancies (and look good on camera like the picture above).