Eatery - Auld Irisher (CA) Revisited

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1547 Katella Ave, Ste 102, Orange, CA 92867
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Irish, Pub

[You can visit my first review here.] Before going to see the movie Chronicle, Duc and I decided that we'd have dinner at the first place where we had reconnected months ago. On a Thursday night, it was quite empty with only two people sitting at the bar. The bartender looked a bit surprised to see us come in for dinner but he was very nice. We had made it in time for Happy Hour so wanted to take advantage of that by ordering our desired pints of Guinness.

We also got a side of their "Irish Nachos" since it was on the Happy Hour menu, and we weren't starving. We figured a side and an entree would be enough. These were huge! They were basically like regular nachos but atop french fries rather than tortilla chips. I guess that's what makes them Irish, the potatoes. These were actually very good since the veggies on them were fresh and the bacon bits actually pieces of bacon. The fries were hot and fantastic. I'm definitely getting these again.

Our entree was their Guinness beef stew in boxty format. I'd say that these were a little uninspired in terms of flavor. I mean, it was great that it wasn't too salty as a lot of beef stews tend to be but the flavor wasn't very strong otherwise. I liked the potatoes inside because they were quite smooth in texture. The beef was soft, and the boxty slightly crisp. Would I order again? Probably not. Still, it's a cool place to chill at.