Eatery - Dell'Uva (CA)

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565 Green St, San Francisco, CA 94133 (Neighborhood: North Beach)
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Dressy Casual | Cuisine - Wine Bar, Small Plates

The last night we had in San Francisco, we wanted to make sure we weren't overstuffing ourselves. After searching around on Yelp for nearby places that would have small dinners/plates, we came across Dell'Uva. It was a wine bar but there was food on the menu so hey, why not? Just a few streets down from where we were staying!

We sat outside when we got there since everyone inside was pretty much there for the wine. It gave us a street view - we unfortunately didn't think ahead though because there were some smokers who hung around or walked past. Anyhow, we ordered the Pesto Pizza and the Mac & Cheese (per Yelp suggestions), mushroom and truffle oil variety. Our waitress was very curt with somewhat of an attitude with people around; it wasn't rude but I immediately thought New York in my head. So yeah, staff was nothing to rave about. The food we got was exactly what we wanted in terms of sizing (didn't stuff ourselves!) but it wasn't anything particularly amazing. The pizza had fresh ingredients and was what I preferred of the two since I thought the pasta in the mac & cheese was overdone. The dish was cheesy, yes, but could've done with better preparation. Overall, a fair meal but not a place to rush to again.