Quips & Anecdotes - Homemade Holiday Gifting

Holiday gifting can really be a time of stress but it's not just the big stuff you sweat; it's the little stuff that you make for the masses that might get you fretting and frumping. I knew what I was getting my family and my close friends but what to do for others such as co-workers? It would have to be something small and easy to mass produce but still personal enough. Luckily for me, my office generally likes baked goods and those are easily made in large quantities. I opted to make peppermint bars for them and found some cute holiday treat boxes from The Container Store (LOVE that place!). The bars went in on top of a few Andes mint chocolates too.

If you still need to get those goodies out of the way, I suggest something baked. Who will deny sweets? Last year I made sugar cookie cups that I filled with holiday trail mix - those were a hit as well! If you aren't a baking savvy person, try getting cute useful office things or handmade ornaments. One of my co-workers went all out and got us each personalized gifts (I got a cookie press and some whoopie pie mix!) but if your # of giftees is big, scale it down a bit and get creative. For those of you who've already put things together, what did you give out this holiday season?