Eatery - Schmackary's (NY)

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362 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036 (Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen)
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Bakery

What attracted me to Schmackary's as I was cavorting about Hell's Kitchen with my brothers on my recent NY trip was the expansive mural-ed storefront. It was white and light blue with an old-fashioned feel due to the artwork and set-up. We had to go in.

How does one easily win my heart? If you crack a grammar joke at me, you've got it. I was first greeted when I walked in with a warm and friendly "How are you?" When I answered "well, how are you?," he immediately said he was doing well and commended me on using correct grammar because "Superman does good." Insta-win to me. Then of course there were the cookies...the rows and rows of classic and not-so-traditional cookie flavors made it difficult to choose just one. We came in saying to ourselves that we'd get one or two but I convinced my brother to split the cost of six with me. The power of cookies!

We ended up with the sweet corn, maple bacon, fluffer nutter, cookies and cream, candied yam, and blueberry cobbler ("way to pick the weirder ones, Minerva..."). The sweet corn was by FAR my favorite one; it was made of corn flour, cornmeal, sweet corn, cranberries, and pecan bits. If you can imagine cornbread in cookie form, you've got this delicious, delicious cookie. I like my cookies soft and these all were very much so. The maple bacon (candied bacon, maple syrup, toffee bits, and sea salt) was too salty for my tasty but that's actually a compliment to how well they preserved the bacon-y taste. The fluffer nutter (peanuts, peanut butter, peanut butter chips, and peanut butter-marshmallow frosting) was a peanut butter lover's dream come true if he/she also had a major sweet tooth. The cookies and cream (dark cocoa, white chocolate, Oreo pieces, and vanilla buttercream frosting) was a delightful take on the classic. The candied yam (corn flour base, sweet potato, brown sugar, cinnamon, and toasted marshmallow) was my second favorite for its smooth, sweet yamminess. Lastly, the blueberry cobbler (oats, blueberries, white chocolate, glaze, and streusel) was a welcome treat with its subtle fruitiness amidst oats.

We could all see what made these cookies lip-schmackin' good, and though I personally don't live in the area, I'm sure my older brother who does live in NY will be back. Hey, maybe I can ask him to bring me some of that sweet corn when he comes back home to visit!

Photography by Minerva Thai.