Eatery - Montero's Mexican Grill (NY)

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173 Irving Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11237 (Neighborhood: Bushwick)
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Mexican

It's breakfast time in Bushwick and since my older brother abandoned us in his apartment since it was Monday and he had work to go to, my younger brother and I wandered around town looking for a place actually open for breakfast. Our original choice of seeking out Peruvian chicken was a fail at that hour but luckily for us, Montero's was ready for our consumption. Walking inside, we saw that it was deserted (who eats breakfast on a Monday anyway?) but the staff quick to answer our door opening. Courteous people!

You tell me you serve authentic Mexican cuisine, you better deliver. I grew up in Orange County, CA so there are plenty of other restaurants to compare the food to! My first thought upon seeing the menu is that these were normal casual restaurant prices at about $8 a plate. Okay, I can't argue with the economy on the ground so I'll take that price point at a Mexican joint. My order was for their Huevos Rancheros (two eggs over medium served on top of fresh corn tortillas and their housemade tomatillo sauce, Cotija cheese, and grilled Mexican chorizo). May I say that these were just lovely? Was the presentation nice? No but who cares when the attractiveness happens in my mouth? The tomatillo sauce was bright and the grilled chorizo reminiscent of a welcoming Mexican home I never experienced.The Mexican rice was also oh so wonderful with its tangy tomato flavor. I also had a cup of bean soup (or was it sauce?) that was great too.

My younger brother ordered the Puebla Style Tortas (filled with lettuce, tomato, onion, avocado, refried beans, quesillo, mayo, jalapeno peppers, and his choice of carne enchilada for the meat) with a side of fries. This would have made the perfect lunch for me. He only offered me a bite before his teenage self devoured the whole thing (or inhaled?). The meat was tender and well-seasoned; the vegetables fresh. The cheesy melted goodness greatly complemented the bun. The French fries were just about some of my favorite fries ever tasted. Think of a seasoned potato wedge but in fry form - delicious thought, no? We had a good meal there and definitely good service. Eat up here if you can!

Photography by Minerva Thai.