Quips & Anecdotes - Going to Vancouver!

Is this a cop-out of a post? Maybe. Does it matter? Nope! Tomorrow's Christmas and I'm going to Vancouver in January! Time to eat my heart out Canada-style. Two of my friends and I are going to make the trek up north from the 10th to the 14th, and though we've got Yelp on our side, we're also looking for some foodie suggestions in the area. Got any to suggest this way? I'd love to have a fabulous slew of delightful reviews once I return so I can share pictures and descriptions with everyone. Hopefully it won't be too cold once I get there. I hear the sushi's awesome and we've got a few places in mind but hey, can't hurt to have a recommendation here and there right? Shove your thoughts my way and I'll see if we can hit them up. Happy holidays to you all by the way! Tomorrow's my blog's birthday, a tasty Test Kitchen post, and a fun day off of work due to Christmas. Hope yours is awesome!