Announcement for 2013!

It is with sad reindeer ears and a grimace on my face that I am announcing a slight scale back on the amount of posts I do for Much Ado About Fooding. Last year I had posed the question on whether or not to continue posting daily and to my slight dismay, no answer on yes or no! So at that point, I trudged forward with the daily postings but 2012 has shown me just how busy I can get some days. That being said, I must make sure to hand over more quality to you all rather than just quantity.

SO! Starting January 1, 2013, MAAF will have posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Fret not dear readers because Test Kitchen will still be around as will my personal goal of at least 2 recipes a week, ensuring that a whopping 50% of my posts in 2013 forward will be recipes. Yay for cheating the system, hah. Anyhow, I'll move back to daily posts I suppose if enough people clamor for it...I guessssss. =] I can be persuaded after all. Thanks for reading and keeping it going!