Eatery - Omelette House (CA) Revisited

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12444 Brookhurst St, Garden Grove, CA 92840
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine -  American, Breakfast

Impromptu early morning breakfast trips rock because I hardly eat breakfast. There's just something so awesome about hashbrowns that I can't force myself to make when I wake up myself. On our way to the gun range, we decided to stop by Omelette House to fill our tummies with a solid breakfast. It was pleasantly still sparse (though it filled up once we sat down) so we didn't feel rushed.

Duc was feeling like getting a warm drink so he opted to grab a Vanilla Dream I believe it was called (steamed milk and vanilla). It looked like it needed more so I had them bring out some cinnamon to top it with. The whole thing was too sweet for my taste but he sure lapped it up quickly. 

My order for the morning was their "Popeye's Special" (spinach and scrambled egg whites served with a side of cottage cheese) which I traded my accompaniment of with hashbrowns. I can't deny those bad boys. I realize that this was supposed to be the healthy option of those they offered but it was really quite bland and the spinach not cooked thoroughly. I powered through it because it was still breakfast but boy did I add on a bunch of salt. As always, however, their hashbrowns and sourdough toast are spot ON.

He ordered the hobo omelette which contained just a bit of everything really. It had bacon, it had sausage, it had various bell peppers. I mean, that's what a hobo omelette is supposed to be like right? The cheesiness was well-welcomed and the saltiness from the meat satisfyingly sufficient. I loved how stuffed they made it with a plentiful but balanced helping of meats and vegetables alike. My original review was for five stars but I'll have to drop down to four since it's still a solid breakfast joint but has a few misses here and there.

Photography by Minerva Thai.