Quips & Anecdotes - Wafflegato

Domo arigato, holy wafflegato! I had been meaning to drop by OC Mart Mix to try out the genius wafflegato since I first heard about it but was only finally able to do so on Friday. So.very.glad.I.did. It was fantastic! Duc and I chatted with Jeff a bit as he was waiting on the waffles to come and learned some neat things about his handy dandy CO2 powered espresso machine (awesome, right?!). Then the beautiful wedges came and we toddled off to get our gelato from N'ice Cream.

What's a wafflegato? It is a creative innovation that combines a variety of shops' wares together to make mouth-pleasuring goodness. Friday's wafflegato, "The Reduction," had fresh peach, Dauphinoise cheese, and peach balsamic reduction in gelato from N'iceCream, The Cheese Shop at The Mix, and We Olive & Wine Bar at the Mix. That was ordered separately and taken over to the station to be topped with a of Murray River Sea Salt from Savory Spice Stop. Then Jeff topped us off with Single Origin espresso from Portola Coffee Lab (Cokatu from Rwanda). Lastly, a waffle wedge from The Iron Press


So what was it like? Cheesy fruity goodness. The espresso had notes of fruitiness in itself already so when paired with the peaches in the gelato, the cup sung. I loved the texture of the cheese in my mouth as I continued rapidly to spoon the delectable concoction in my mouth (though more cheese would've been awesome!). Three cheers for culinary collaborations! If you want a chance to taste a wafflegato which is merely a fun side project for now, you'll need to go here and click "Like" and "Share" so that they'll bring out Wafflegato #4. Do it, do it, do it now!