Eatery - Lotus Thai (CA)

10141 Westminster, Garden Grove, CA 92843
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Thai

I totally forgot to take a storefront shot but that was because I was running late to the dinner here. I was aching for some Thai food (what a Thai food kick I've been on lately) and curry so looked for one near my house. This one was just down the street! It was empty on an early Tuesday evening but that made it nice and easy to talk in.

Thai iced tea was the obvious choice for drink. They made it quite well here and very smooth. It was a great treat after such a hectic day.

Duc ordered the pineapple fried rice (no surprise there - he's a pineapple fiend) which I found to be nice because it wasn't too greasy. However, since I had been craving curry earlier, I didn't pay the fried rice too much attention beyond a courtesy few bites. I'd have to say that there wasn't enough pineapple when I had it - either that or he had gotten to them all already.

Anyhow, I opted for red curry seeing as last time I had green curry at a Thai place. I ordered that with tofu and enjoyed the flavors. Unfortunately, I believe the bamboo used was old but the rest was good. I had to order rice separately though. However, the spiciness was just perfect for my weak self and the curry rich. Delicious!

Duc had never had sticky mango rice before so we ordered that for dessert despite our large bellies. We ate about 1/3 of it before I took some home to my little brother. The rice was overbearingly sweet and the mango ripe enough that it didn't contrast the rice so much as add on the sweetness.