Eatery - Vintage Enoteca (CA)

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7554 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046 (Neighborhood: Hollywood)
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Dressy Casual | Cuisine - Tapas

Oh the power of Yelp, how I love it so. I came to Vintage Enoteca after watching my friend's theater company put on a production (she's the assistant stage manager) which was downright hilarious. Then all of the sudden, it was nearly 10pm and we were hungry. I busted out my app to find a suitable place for three who were hungry but not starving. Tapas was my search criteria, and we landed upon this place. It wasn't far off so off we went to find it and park in an actual parking lot behind the building - awesome! This of course meant that we also came through the back entrance which was slightly sketchy but made everything all the more exciting.

The cool thing when looking at the menu of this neat wine bar type of place was that nothing was over $10. Granted, the portion size isn't monstrous but we also weren't famished so the $10 plates were great. We started off with the bruschetta which had 3 orders. Our picks were the chicken pâté, white bean hummus, and artichoke. That pâté was very, very delicious. Smooth and rich, it was a delightful first bite. The white bean hummus was fair and so was the artichoke. I guess they were quite good in their own right but hard to follow up after pâté. All three were presented quite pleasantly.

Our next dish to tackle was their special for the day. It was a skirt steak complemented with rapini and smashed goat cheese yukons. When our waitress said rapini, she saw my eyes light up and knew we were going to order it. The tender meat pleased all of our tastebuds quite well. The crisp rapini made me think a bit of a Chinese broccoli dish my mom makes often which is a good thing. So, so delicious. The mashed potatoes had that distinct goat cheese taste without being overbearing. Fantastic stuff.

Our last shared dish was the mushroom flatbread which came atop some very well-done flatbread. I loved the savoriness of the mushrooms with fontina. The only odd part was the inclusion of the pea sprouts; they were fresh (which is great) but that lent an odd disconnecting taste. I mean, the rosemary and roasted garlic continued on the umami flavor so the pea sprouts were misplaced. Anyhow, the food was good - I'd love to come back for another late night tapas run. The other plus is that it's close to Whipp'd LA!