Eatery - Thuyen Vien (CA) Revisited

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1740 S Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92802
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Vegetarian, Vietnamese

[You can read the first post here.] You know how a lot of people have cravings for unhealthy food? Can I have a healthy craving? Local vegetarian food craving! Off to Thuyen Vien!

I finally got to try the banana flower tacos that reviews I've seen have been congratulating and boy were they delicious. I loved the freshness of the vegetables and the mixture of natural crunch (cabbage) and artificial crunch (deep-fried banana flowers). It even gave me inspiration for a dish I might want to make sometime in the near future.

Then we got their "infamous" garlic "chicken" which was just as amazing as before. It has a great texture and flavor, coated in orange sauce with a slightly crispy exterior.

Next we had the "beef" pho which I really, really commend Thuyen Vien for doing well with. I mean, not using beef but still creating a delicious, savory broth? The power of mushrooms and whatever magic they put into it is strong. I also loved the awesome steamy picture I got of it - isn't that a sexy bowl of pho?

The second dish that day that I tried which I hadn't before was their special seafood combination plate. I've got to hand it to them - they sure know how to get a great shrimp texture in whatever medium they used to make those parts. I also greatly enjoyed how many vegetables were in the mix and the amount of tofu. The owner was also very nice and personable. This place is great for some healthy but wholesome Vietnamese food. You probably won't believe that there isn't meat here!



  1. Try the curry next time, one of my favorite dishes.

  2. Oo which one (if there are multiple)? Let's have an adventure there sometime. I don't mind if it's in the near future!

    1. I think they have two types of curry: Thai and Indian. I think I've had both? But I'm sure about the Thai one and it was amazing.

      And I'd be down to go sometime, it's been a while since I've been and it'd be nice to have some of that good food again.