Eatery - Barcelona OntheGo (CA)

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Barcelona OntheGo, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Pricing - $ | Dining - To-Go | Cuisine - Spanish

I came across the Barcelona OntheGo truck at the SoCo Farmers' Market last weekend. For some reason, Duc felt a strong calling to it so we decided to get a quick bite from there. Because I was too busy watching the chefs cook for the Farm to Food Truck Challenge III that day, he ran off to get our food.


He came back with shrimp tacos (with chipotle sauce) and some bacon-wrapped dates. Of course there would be some bacon in his choices. It was like a child running back to me after spending money and saying, "I do good?" Yes, you did somewhat good. The shrimp in the shrimp tacos were pretty tasty but I wasn't too impressed with it all. The sauce was a tad weak to be honest. As for the dates, I thought them to be good but missing something. With the saltiness of the bacon being overpowered by the sweet dates, I felt like a little bit of salty cheese stuffed in the dates would've made them much better. Good shot there but it just wasn't my thing. If only I had gotten to eat what they entered in the compeition that looked tasty (and they got 3rd place too!).