Quips & Anecdotes - Mother's Faux Chicken

I've picked up a few of my mother's food habits over the years, and I suppose one of them has been to try out making random foods that I thought were cool. My mom recently saw some cooking lesson on the television on how to make faux fried chicken using vegetarian-friendly ingredients. She put her own little spin on it and came up with a concoction that looked very similar to fried chicken actually. I liked the remake visually, and it helped that the food itself was delicious as well. I just wanted to talk about the creation briefly because it's the first of September and of the many foods it is the national month of, chicken is one of them. SO! Let us celebrate National Chicken Month (honey, mushroom, rice, potato, biscuit, and so on too) by appreciating the delectable and versatile poultry meat as often as possible. This includes vegetarian tributes like my mother's experiment.

The inside was made of shredded taro, fried tofu, chopped cabbage, and vermicelli. The outside was egg roll wrapper dipped in batter and panko crumbs. The "bone" was king oyster mushroom. This was all wrapped in a drumstick shape and deep fried. Delicious! How are you going to celebrate National Chicken Month?