Eatery - Sweetee Thai (CA)

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10557 Valley View St, Cypress, CA 90630
Pricing - $$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Thai

I came here for a somewhat late small dinner. I liked the atmosphere of the place, and the inside was not predictable from the exterior of the building. It's in a plaza with a whole bunch of other restaurants and stores so it made sense that everything would be somewhat externally homogeneous. Inside, the ambiance and atmosphere was pretty nice. We were seated promptly, and due to it being my first time there, I did what I do whenever I go to Thai restaurants.

My drink of choice was their Thai iced tea. For $2.50 for a glass, I was hoping that I wouldn't get something that was powder and water. I didn't. It was a nice refreshing glass of a fairly good amount with the cream sitting on top of the tea itself instead of being mixed in prior to my having received it. They made a good drink.

As for the entree, what else is there to try at a Thai place that you're first seeing than their Pad Thai? I went with chicken because I'm just used to have chicken Pad Thai and because I don't want to skew my comparisons from other places by choosing different meats. The portion was an alright size; I think that for $8.50, it could have been a tad larger. The noodles were great in texture though, and the sauce wasn't overwhelming. I could tell that they didn't use pre-made sauce. An addition to this plate that I hadn't seen in other Pad Thai dishes was shredded red cabbage. To be honest, not a big fan. I think that overall it was a solid plate of the traditional noodle dish but could have done with more peanuts and "umph" to be super impressive.