Eatery - Pho 79 Restaurant (CA) Revisited

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Pho 79 Restaurant - 9941 Hazard Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92643
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Vietnamese | Reservations - Unnecessary

[My first review can be found here.] Phở 79 is a staple of being back home, so when a friend asked to meet up for lunch, it was a natural choice to go there for lunch. Despite it being one of the hottest days of the month, we craved the noodle soup after having brought it up. Luckily it is incredibly air-conditioned inside so the phở was still quite appropriate. What I like about this place is that they have phở down. You walk in, sit wherever you see seats available, and are immediately brought menus and a ready notepad to take down your order. If you actually get phở, it comes out very quickly because that's what they do all day. I opted for Café Sữa Dá as always at Vietnamese restaurants and prepared myself for a great meal.

My medium bowl of Phở Tái Nạm Sách was hot and heaped with meats when I got it. The price has gone up by at least 50 cents from what I remembered the last time I visited but perhaps that is merely a reflection of the upward costs of food. The food itself, however, makes the price well worth it. Again they had the phở science down just right. The noodles were firm and delicious. The steak slices were raw when they came out but thin enough (and the soup hot enough) to be pushed under the noodles for cooking. The tripe was a tad scanty like last time but still enjoyable, and oh my was the flank great. Another great meal, Phở 79!