Eatery - BACON MANia (CA)

BACON MANia - Food Truck, Orange County, CA
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - American

I used to think that the food truck sensation was just something that was a part of Durham when I was in school but then I realized that it was something big in Los Angeles and Orange County as well. I'm glad that I'm in the area! In my friend's and my hunt for The Lime Truck for free lunches, we came across this truck that I had read about through Yelp - the BACON MANia truck!

Because I had already eaten lunch, I wasn't feeling like snagging any food for myself but I knew how much Duc loved bacon and that his workplace was nearby; the decision to purchase from this bacon goldmine of a truck was made. I wanted to bring him stuff for lunch so I settled on the E-I-E-I-Ouch Sliders and Brownie Bites though the rest of the menu was pretty tempting as well.

I was really curious about the bacon bites so I decided that I would have one of them and save the other for Duc. It was seriously a heart attack on a toothpick. The bacon-covered brownie was very rich and chocolatey on the inside but the fact that the entire thing was deep-fried and then doused with chocolate syrup was overwhelming. I think that it would have been perfectly fine without the frying and syrup but they took it overboard. I learned my lesson not to have that again. As for the sliders, they were so delicious. I mean, lamb, beef, and applewood smoked bacon with jalapeno Chevre goat cheese and Havarti crisps on lettuce and toasted buns was phenomenal. I only took a bite of one but thumbs up for BACON MANia!