Quips & Anecdotes - Free Lunch @ The Lime Truck

My friend called me the day before The Lime Truck was going to give away its free 100 lunches as part of its participation on The Food Network's Great Food Truck Race and asked me to go with her. I'm always up for free food and was actually a tad excited about hunting down the truck at a "secret" location. Apparently it wasn't all too secret since they were normally in one of two places but the fun part was figuring out exactly where the free lunches would be. My friend guessed that the correct truck would have the chef present so she and I drove there early in the morning to stalk out the location. I got some stalker-ish pictures too.

When we got to the location about 15 minutes before the location would be tweeted out, we saw a modest camera crew interviewing the chef. Score! We sat there for a while until we saw other people start arriving. Though we were technically the first people there, we weren't the first in line according to the numbers we were handed out.

7th in line for me still meant that I'd get a free lunch though! Instead of waiting until noon, they actually started rolling out the lunches before then so I didn't have to wait too long.

The goodies for the morning were smoked wild coho salmon, crispy potato, haricot vert, bacon, and tomatillo aioli for the entree with a cup of limeade to wash it down and a container of tomatillo sauce from a sponsor. To be honest, we both found the salmon way too salty but figured that it was probably a result of the truck having to churn out 100 meals very quickly. The rest of it was very delicious though and the limeade was great to cleanse the palate of saltiness. It was a nice chunk of salmon for free as well.

Other food trucks were smart enough to park their vehicles nearby since they figured there would be a crowd. We got tempted by the Mun-chee5 truck which had a red velvet funnel cake on its menu. How could we resist? It was pretty good but not as amazing as we figured. With sweet blackberry cream cheese, powdered sugar, whipped cream, and fresh berries, it was a great way to supplement our salt with sugar, haha. Fun times were had on a food trucking adventure!