Eatery - Auld Dubliner (CA)

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2497 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92806
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Irish

I seem to have grown a fondness for Irish fare or perhaps it's just the atmosphere that the pubs seem to have. Because of how delicious our trip to Auld Irisher was previously, Duc and I decided to hit up Auld Dubliner in Tustin after his long day of work and my long day of interviews. 

The obvious drink was some Guinness on tap; we luckily hit Happy Hour hours so it was only $5 per, and boy, was it tasty. I mean, take a look at that delicious overflowing foam. Yum.

As for food, we weren't all too starving and remembered that when we generally get an appetizer, one entree is enough. So, we opted for their bacon-wrapped figs that came on a bed of baby spinach and with a tangy BBQ sauce for dipping. It was the second time in a week that I had had figs but I can't deny their deliciousness. We both actually liked the figs better without the sauce but the spinach added a nice, fresh bitterness to the salty and sweet of the bacon and fig, respectively. It was quite the enjoyable appetizer.

The entree was a plate of their "Bangers and Champ" which was three links of grilled Irish sausage with house-made mashed potatoes, lemony roasted asparagus spears, and toasted slices of ciabatta topped with house-made gravy. Can I say, "perfetto"? The sausages weren't spiced like I am accustomed to but very rich and flavorful still. The waitress left a jar of some good mustard on the table which I used with the bangers - fantastic. The asparagus were crisp and the right amount of lemon had been added to complement the rest of the dish, and oh my were the potatoes good. I loved it.

I normally don't get dessert and especially not after a large drink, appetizer, and entree but when the waitress was telling us what was available, my ears perked up at the sound of "Bailey's cheesecake." Yes please! It was such a heavy dessert from the Irish cream but not in the bad way. Rich and thick, we savored every bit of it. I'd come back to have another go at that dessert for sure!