Eatery - Anepalco's Cafe (CA)

415 S Main St, Orange, CA 92868
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Mexican

After some dress searching, my friend and I decided that it was time to fill our tummies with deliciousness so she suggested this place that had been bookmarked on her Yelp for a while. It was a bit after the lunch rush hour so luckily the place wasn't crazy. Though the Yelp reviews had praised chilaquiles immensely, I was in the mood for a meaty sandwich so I didn't go with the suggestions - however, next time I definitely shall!

My meal was the Cuban sandwich, a monster of a meal. It had chicken, pork, AND ham on Ciabatta bread with lettuce, tomato, and chipotle aioli. It came with a choice of soup or salad as well so I went with the soup of the day which was a roasted red pepper bisque. I thought that the sandwich was quite yummy but a different take on a Cuban sandwich than what I was used to. The meat was overwhelming actually so I only managed to have half the sandwich. Taste-wise, pretty good. As for the soup, it tasted like I was drinking cheese dip. I wasn't impressed with that part. My friend had the green tomatillo crepe with chicken. I found it tasty but with less than desired sauce. Overall a pleasant experience but I'll have to come back for the star of the show next time!