Eatery - Warrior's Grill (VA)

401 N Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Mongolian

After much aimless driving, my friends and I came to this Mongolian BBQ place in a plaza area with some other restaurants. It was fairly empty when we got in there but the set-up was nice and spacious in general. The buffet and cooking area was like any typical place's but the food and service was excellent.

First of all, the waitress asked if we wanted egg drop or hot and sour soup. We weren't expecting to get complimentary soup or cookies at the end of the meal. The soup was actually pretty good. We also got sesame bread which were quite awesome. They weren't flat like crackers or fluffy like bread. They were slightly similar to poofed-up flatbread and since hardly anyone had any, I snagged most of them!

The awesome thing about Mongolian BBQ that is self-serve is arranging the bowls for yourself in a smart way. Bali Hai had taught me to line my bowl with meat before adding vegetables and noodles. However, since this was all you could eat (a Mongolian BBQ AYCE place!), the strategy wasn't needed. I still piled on a lot of food and watched them cook up the meal. This restaurant had a good array of sauces, and I trusted the cook to add what he thought would be good. I liked my plate a lot and at the end of it all, the cashier allowed us to split it 8 ways. Good stuff.