Eatery - Frostbites (CA)

9111 Valley View St, Ste 103, Cypress, CA 90630
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Dessert, Crepes

Looking for some stellar sampling service? My friend wanted to check this place out so we went (also to spend a Groupon), and when we walked in through the door, the woman at the sorbet display greeted us warmly and asked if it was our first time there. After that, she proceeded to load us up with various samples of their sorbets mixed with ice cream to give us ideas about what we'd get when dessert time came around. We actually went there originally to get lunch in the form of sandwich crepes but the ice cream was oh-so-good!

We put in our orders for our sandwich crepes first, filling out slips of paper with whatever we wanted in ours. It was great to customize the order after choosing the meat, and the prices were quite reasonable at about $4 for a small that really wasn't all that small. I got a pastrami crepe with green bell peppers, red onion, tomato, salt & pepper, honey mustard, and provolone. All the vegetables were quite fresh and in good portions. There was a good amount of pastrami in my crepe, and the shell was made well and crispy. My only complaint was that the cheese was not as hot and melty as I had expected but to be fair, she was making three sandwich crepes at once with different orders on each. I liked mine and would go again for one, especially considering the price!

Then it was time for dessert. The decision was hard but I eventually settled on a sorbet cream (sorbet w/ice cream) of peach and raspberry in a small. The smalls are quite generous, and I couldn't feel my tongue before I finished mine! I liked the mixture of the two together because the peach was nice and light in comparison to the raspberry's tartness. The ice cream they have is amazing. It's so rich and creamy but not thick at the same time. I'm keeping this place in mind for whenever I'm in the area (or even when I'm not, haha). I'm glad we got there pretty close to when they opened because when we came back to the car after exploring the Cypress Swap Meet, the place was jam-packed with people!