Eatery - Papa Mojo's Roadhouse (NC) Revisited

5410-Y Hwy 55, Durham, NC 27713
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Cajun, Creole

I like to do second reviews whenever I get the chance and this time around, I went to Papa Mojo's for lunch instead of dinner. The food is considerably cheaper during lunchtime! In fact, I had to get several food items and an actual drink in order to hit my LivingSocial voucher for $30 but the food was just as great as it was when I went before.

We started off with a basket of fried okra as a side dish but there was enough of it to share between my friend and me. It was fried well. I liked the batter that was used because it wasn't breaded but just a thin crispy shell. The okra maintained its succulent sliminess and was not overly salted.

My main dish was the shrimp and crab Creole. Because I'm pretty weak when it comes to spicy foods, I took a while finishing as much of this as I could - the sweet tea helped. The spices were quite good and the shrimp divine. I felt that the crab seemed to have been old or frozen before to me but I can't verify that completely. The sauce was tomato-y but not overwhelmingly so; the vegetables were soft but not devoid of natural juices. It was a great dish.

To-go, I snagged a whole shrimp poboy that had perhaps a tad bit too much mayo but the shrimp was fried well and the vegetables plentiful. They definitely use big bread for their sandwiches!