Eatery - 7 Seas Sports Bar & Grill (CA)

12941 Main St, Garden Grove, CA 92840
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Seafood, Sports Bar, Asian

The only thing saving this place from getting a 0 star rating (look, I added a rating system!) is the side of sweet potato fries which was the only part of the dining experience that 7 Seas did right. Other than that, everything was quite disastrous. I invited my friends to join me here for dinner because I had recently bought a Groupon for $30 for dinner and knew I wouldn't be able to knock that out myself; we had also talked about how the place had been on Main Street and we had never been. When we first walked in the door, attention wasn't given to us despite the place not being packed. Then we were told to sit wherever we wanted so we grabbed a booth. It took a long while before someone came by with menus, and the place had their TVs turned up so loud, it was hard to talk to each other across the table. After perusing the menu, we finally settled on our meal.

I asked our waitress a question about our Groupon first but she didn't seem to understand the question. We asked for water then while we looked for our meals. A waitress came by with it and then SHE took the order. I asked for their Grasshopper drink which she said she'd have to check with the bar to see if all the ingredients were available for it (not a good sign). Our sweet potato fries came out first and they were actually very good with a suitably modest amount of powdered sugar to lend some sweetness to the vegetable.

The next two things were brought out by some other waitress - the fish tacos and the grilled Mahi Mahi. The fish tacos were not memorable at all nor crispy (I got Baja styled). The grilled Mahi Mahi was supposed to come with a mango lime butter but all I tasted was butter. The mashed potatoes that came with it was bland as well as the fish (though meaty). The roasted vegetables were not completely cooked either. I had asparagus that was still raw and the zucchini was pretty hard on the inside as well.

The first waitress came back to tell me that the Grasshopper was unavailable so I asked for another drink (that she didn't know they served) which was their "signature" based on its name - 7Seas - and so off she went. Our last dish was their spin on mac and cheese. We ordered it with lobster and specified no bacon. Guess what was in it? Bacon. What if one of us were allergic to pork? One of my friends is a vegetarian and the bacon made it inedible for her. When I saw the mac and cheese, the first thought in my head was, "that pasta looked undercooked and cheap." Guess what? It was. I couldn't eat it. The menu also advertised shiitake mushrooms but they were definitely oyster mushrooms. In the end, I just picked at the mediocre pieces of lobster and mushrooms. When the mac and cheese was brought out, we got somebody else's order of beef tacos as well which we told them to take away.

So, we had finished our meal or at least what we could stomach of it. My drink never came. Three separate waitresses had served our table now in their spastic way. We sat and waited with all our plates empty for a long time. Our glasses had also never been refilled with water. Eventually the sushi chef came over and cleared our table. The sushi chef did. How embarrassing/disrespectful! All the while, we could see the waitresses just hanging around all the tables with male clientele (our first waitress stayed at a table the entire time just talking to everyone and sidling up to them as if begging for tips). When we finally got the check, I walked up to a cashier w/my Groupon on my phone and she didn't even cross-check it with a binder or punch in the numbers. She just "marked as used" on my phone (which makes it only applicable to my account, not voids future usage), and I paid the rest in cash. She made me go to another tiller for my change and when the girl saw that she didn't have coins to give me, she rounded up and gave me more than I was supposed to get.

So, my Groupon is still valid but I would never come back to 7 Seas. The food was bad. The noise was worse. The service was the worst I've ever seen. This seems harsh but it was truly a waste of my money and time.



  1. I LOVE this post! I saw the groupon thing and checked out yelp for reviews. I'm glad I didn't buy it because that mahi mahi looks crappy crappy.

    Keep the bad reviews coming! (not that I want you to keep going to terrible restaurants. I just like reading bad reviews in general.)