Giveaway - Cooking Planit Spice Giveaway Announcement

Uh, readers, this is just an announcement but it is a heck of a good one and a reason for you to keep posted. I've got an awesome offer from Cooking Planit to give away to one of you lucky readers a spice set of 26 of the most commonly used spices (retail value: $100+). However, I'm not the only one giving away these grand prizes that have been gifted to us - there are 49 other foodie/mommy/tech bloggers nationwide also partaking in this giveaway. That means that you get 50 chances to win!

The first kick-off is starting today, and they'll be continuing throughout March. Much Ado About Fooding's contest period will be March 26 - April 1. Every day, two sets will be given away (for 25 days!), and the spices in each set are all the same. You'll get a full spread of the following:
  1. Ground Cumin
  2. Basil
  3. Saigon Cinnamon
  4. Bay Leaves
  5. Smoked Paprika
  6. Thyme
  7. Garlic Powder
  8. Mediterranean Oregano
  9. Onion Powder
  10. Rosemary
  11. Nutmeg Powder
  12. Red Pepper Flakes
  13. Coriander Powder
  14. Cayenne Pepper
  15. Ground Cloves
  16. Chinese Five Spice
  17. Turmeric
  18. Curry Powder
  19. Yellow Mustard
  20. Pennsylvania Pepper
  21. Cardamon Powder
  22. Cajun Seasoning
  23. Allspice Powder
  24. Hill Country Chili Powder
  25. Ginger Root Powder
  26. Manzanillo Mexico Seasoning

So what is Cooking Planit? It's an app that walks you step by step while cooking. This includes prompting of when to prep a certain ingredient and when to start another while notifying of when a third may be already done. It helps with pre-planning, shopping, and even cooking by keeping you on track and not wasting time. Whether you don't have enough time in the day to think of all of these things or you are just looking for ways to hack your meal making, Cooking Planit works to have your bases covered and has been awarded by Toque Magazine in 2012 with the Best Food App Award for Best Cooking.

While I may not be starting my giveaway until the 26th, don't forget that you have 49 other bloggers' contests to enter. Check them out below and when they're running their contests! Come back on the 26th to see how you can enter to win the set I'm going to give away.

2013 Cooking Planit Spice Giveaway Participants

Start Stop Flight 1 Flight 2
1 3/6/13 3/12/13 Sophistishe Field and Feast
2 3/7/13 3/13/13 The Wicked Noodle The Cooking Planit Blog
3 3/8/13 3/14/13 The Aliso Kitchen Slow Down & Savor
4 3/9/13 3/15/13 Chicago Foodie Sisters Jessiker Bakes
5 3/10/13 3/16/13 My Happily Ever After the End The Food Yenta
6 3/11/13 3/17/13 Notes From Maggie’s Farm Food Fash
7 3/12/13 3/18/13 My Kitchen Addictions What Jew Wanna Eat
8 3/13/13 3/19/13 Bite Sized Blog Nicole’s Nickels
9 3/14/13 3/20/13 A Busy Mom of Two Food Squeeze
10 3/15/13 3/21/13 Kasey’s Kitchen Kitchen Concoctions
11 3/16/13 3/22/13 Daily Ups & Pounds Lisa Cooking
12 3/17/13 3/23/13 Ditch the Box Huppie Mama
13 3/18/13 3/24/13 Hungry Hutch Food Fetish
14 3/19/13 3/25/13 Cook the Blog Three Diets One Dinner
15 3/20/13 3/26/13 Sugarfoot Eats Gear Live
16 3/21/13 3/27/13 CopyKat Recipes Mouthy Housewives
17 3/22/13 3/28/13 Burnt Apple The Butterfly Mom
18 3/23/13 3/29/13 The Mama Report Ancestral Chef
19 3/24/13 3/30/13 A Food Centric Life We Like To Cook
20 3/25/13 3/31/13 Dixie Chik Cooks Baby Boomster
21 3/26/13 4/1/13 Unorganized Mommy of Three Much Ado About Fooding
22 3/27/13 4/2/13 Better with Butter The Primlani Kitichen
23 3/28/13 4/3/13 Mother Would Know California Country Gal
24 3/29/13 4/4/13 Yi Reservation NY Foodgasm
25 3/30/13 4/5/13 ME Redone Creative Cullinary

Photography courtesy of Emily Wilson, eChef for Cooking Planit.



  1. Thanks for this!

    That spice pack looks really great so I'll be sure to enter as many as possible.