Eatery - Harry's Deli (CA)

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17881 Sky Park Cir. Ste A, Irvine, CA 92614
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - American (New), Sandwiches

Harry Harry Harry - I have heard things about your deli and how I really, really needed to make it out there to gorge on fantastic sandwiches. This review is definitely long overdue as it was just a tad over a month since my visit but it might just be because I had to find the right words.

Now, I hadn't been to Harry's prior to the renovation actually. I believe that there was a major overhaul of the interior and brand design. Even though I don't know what it once was, I really like what it is now. There's sleek yet bold red, black, and white all around (my favorite color combo!). Chalk art decorates the wall behind the counter and features some favorite vendors. On the seating side, there was old-school aircraft decor to commemorate both Harry's interests and the location near John Wayne Airport; after all, OC does have a rich aero history. Harry himself was out and about throughout the time talking to customers, taking orders, bringing out the food, and even wiping tables down himself. If you were just interested in sitting bar-style, there is a table at the windows for just that. Looking to play yourself some music during your lunch break? Pick up the shared guitar right next to the soda.

I happened to get there with my friend in time to miss the lunch rush (and boy was it a RUSH!). That gave us a chance to snag a small table while we waited for our orders to come out. I ordered the Chicken Di Giorgio (lightly breaded chicken breast, sauteed red onion, tomato, garlic, basil sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, and garlic aioli on Ciabatta) due to see rave reviews about it. I think the praise was very well-deserved because it has been a long time since I've had breaded chicken breast that good. The sandwich did prove to be quite saucy once you had the heaps of tomatoes and basil involved but the characteristic I found commendable was how crisp the chicken managed to stay under all of that. The amount of meat also was surprising as a thick cut was given with each sandwich. I normally don't have large lunches and would have just had half had it not been so good that I inhaled the rest.


For sides, we opted for the World's Second-Best Onion Rings and the Potato Salad Harry's Style. I'm not sure why it would be named the second-best onion rings because they sure as heck were the best I've ever had. My friend, who is an onion ring fiend, actually mentioned it first. She (who actively gets onion rings wherever she goes) rated it the best of any place she's visited. I loved the alternative breading which tasted like panko crumbs to me seasoned with superb sea salt. There was also a bite through! You know how some places have soggy onion rings that just all come out once you take a bite, leaving you with just the empty breading's shell in hand? Not here. This place's rings crunched through in wholesome, onion-y goodness. The potato salad was nice and creamy; though not quite my style, it's sure to please those who are fans of dill! I really enjoyed the bits of skin I saw left on and the inclusion of fresh red onions. Overall, a fantastic experience at this somewhat-hard-to-find deli (it's a little hidden among all the office buildings in Sky Park Circle).

Photography by Minerva Thai.