Event - Bruxie Hard Hat Tour (Huntington Beach)

Be careful not to hurt anyone else in your impending expression of excitement at this news: Bruxie is opening in Huntington Beach! Located at the corner of 5th and Walnut (180 5th Street, Suite 120, Huntington Beach, CA), this new addition to the line of delicious waffle-y eateries comes to a city that has had its residents drive out often to seek bold folds. Huntington Beach citizens can now find joy in their own city starting April 16th, the first day it will be open. Visitors to the beach will not only have the beloved waffles to look forward to but also a new concept unique to the location. Can you guess what it is?


A street-side service window! Starting about 7am every morning, you'll be able to get your breakfast Bruxies and coffee to start the day through this window. As the day progresses and grows warmer, you can sate your hot self with their specialty sodas (a new one out on their main menu is a spiced cola), real Wisconsin frozen custard, or both via a float! Order from the street-side window to get your fix real quick.


We were given a real hard hat tour of the place that was still under much construction upon our visit. It was a complete shell build out meaning that they had to rework everything inside and outside on The Strand. Luckily, that means that you get more free reign on how you want the place to look. With a rendition printed out for our viewing, we could see the elements taken from the environment was well that will definitely make Bruxie a neighborhood classic soon enough. They will be rolling down their half-up garage doors on some of the walls with outdoor countertop seating as you might expect of a Bruxie location. However, more metal beams will grace the exterior to keep in line with the rest of the buildings along The Strand. They'll also be as dog-friendly out in the patio as they have been in their other locations.

Everything is cooked and prepared on site too which we could really see from the ratio of kitchen to dining space. You can expect to see the tried and true Bruxie menu at this location but also can check for the rotating specials as they pass through each Bruxie location. Just a little hint from Dean Simon, founder and owner, about this location as well: you just might see more of the seafood specials more often (lobster anyone?). The hit that is the kids' menu will also be here, perfect for all those enjoying the beach and needing a quick lunch or snack break. Also, who can forget the frozen custard? Tell me that isn't perfect for the beach weather. News also of their partnership with the Anaheim Ducks and the unveiling of their Duxie shirts (see pictures above) floated into our ears during the tour. Think of shirt cannons at games shooting out Duxie shirts and raining Bruxie coupons down on the fans. Yeah - they're fun alright.

I'm excited to see this Bruxie flesh out and be ready for its opening day. I have no doubts that there will be lines wrapping around the block, eager to participate in some Bold Fold-ing. My thanks to Dean for telling us more about his newest location and to Mona of Moxxe PR for the invitation to get this unique sneak peek. If you can't wait any longer for a Bruxie after this article, you can catch their other locations in Orange, Rancho Santa Margarita, Brea, and Chino Hills! Will we see you on Opening Day?

Photography by Duc Duong. More photos are available on Facebook.