Quips & Anecdotes - Happy Birthday Blog!

Merry Christmas to you! Happy birthday to me (the blog)! Has it reaaaaally been a year since I started this blog? How crazy is that? I mean, I guess it seems like it's been so long ago because there have been daily posts. So sorry that in my first year, I have managed to get behind at some points (the longest time period of which was about a month's worth of posts) but I am trying to be more proactive by posting some things ahead of time. I'm also going to try and get more recipe posts up here on the blog because not all of you are interested in reading about food news (though I do try my best to find things that would be good to read). Some cool changes since the beginning of the blog include bigger pictures on the posts (thanks to suggestions by both Conan and Duc, you photogs!), making an excuse to buy a better camera so I can have better pictures on the blog (heh..heh), a rating system for restaurants, adding ads to the site, and posting up on Twitter (this included giving in and getting a Twitter account).

So what's in store for the second year of this bloggity blog? I'd like to take a bit of time (when I get some) to fiddle around with the layout. I think I will keep up with the daily posts but am going to try to incorporate more recipe posts. Someone suggested to me that I ought to get a Facebook fan page but I'm a little iffy on that one - I'll leave that up as a question to you readers. I want to have more guests posts on here since I do know that some of you readers COOK! Gimme gimme your knowledge so I can share it with the world! I'm also going to try and learn how to take better food pictures, so y'all can justifiably drool. If you've got any suggestions for me, lend me your comments! I'd love to hear them. Otherwise, happy 1st birthday blog! I might celebrate by indulging in some cookware from my wish list...