Quips & Anecdotes - Friends' Holiday Party

I just had a fantabulous time with friends at a small holiday shindig yesterday night. We agreed that it would be a dessert & appetizer-centric gathering in terms of what people were bringing (the hostess had plenty of food at her house). So what did I do? I went a little crazy. I ended up making three different kinds of dessert bars as well as an edible holiday party "favor," if you could call it that. I'm going to go ahead and post all those recipes in the coming days seeing as we are nearing Christmas when you might be thinking of baking desserts to bring. I hope you like them all. Also, check out that cake picture above! My friend made that himself, and it was just oh-so-delicious. I mean, red velvet cake covered in modeling chocolate with adorable Rice Krispies shaped appropriately as a tree and presents? A snowman that had a real carrot nose? Props for all the hard work put into this utterly delightful dessert! Ah, aren't gatherings awesome because of all the food people bring?