Eatery - O Udon (CA)

17870 Newhope St, Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Japanese

I came here with my friends before the OC Weekly Holiday Mixer to get a quick but delicious meal. I love udon and had stumbled upon this fairly highly-rated place on Yelp. After bookmarking it quite a few months ago during an udon craving, I finally got to visit since the mixer was just down the street. It's definitely much smaller than I expected inside and set-up very casually. There aren't very many different items on the menu but that's okay; it's not like they tout anything other than being an udon place. The cashier was very nice when we finally decided what we wanted. I ordered the combo 4 which was barley tea, a bowl of hot or cold udon, and a choice between a tempura or beef bowl. I chose the beef.

The combo actually comes without any additions in the udon soup. There was a little area where you could add green onions, ginger, and tempura flakes. Free range of tempura flakes in my soup? Yes please! I heaped a big spoonful into mine. The broth was pretty decent but the noodles were a tad firmer than I anticipated/desired. It could've spent a bit more time softening. I was actually sort of expecting more toppings in my udon but perhaps I'm just not well-versed in udon places (more as in julienned carrots, seaweed strips, etc). Still good though. The beef in the beef bowl was thinly sliced but a tad more salty than I had expected. It was okay but nothing to rave or complain about. A good dinner for a decent price (under $10) considering how much food there was. I'd like to drop by again for just the udon.