Eatery - Snow Station (CA)

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9938 Bolsa Ave, Ste 117, Westminster, CA 92683
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Dessert

There always seems to be some kind of dessert phenomenon or craze, and lately, I think the focus has been on shaved snow. Unlike shaved ice, this dessert doesn't crunch in your mouth but rather melts in snow. I've had samples of the stuff before during demos but haven't actually visited a place that sells it until recently.

Snow Station is actually cutely decorated inside (how could you not be as a dessert place?) but could be hard to find from the outside as it is among the many, many other stores in the plaza. Look for the bright blue sign though and you'll find yourself inside with plenty of options to choose from in terms of flavors and toppings.


There were several of us so we had a variety to taste from. There was the strawberry snow with freshly sliced strawberry fruit and poppin' strawberry boba, the sour apple snow with Apple Jacks cereal and poppin' lychee boba, and the honeydew snow with lychee and jackfruit. To be honest, I've never liked the poppin' boba obsession that has been sweeping the SoCal coast lately so I won't really comment on how those added or didn't add to the ones that were gotten with them on. The best of the three was probably the Apple Jack combination for its crunchy sweetness mixed with a melty sourness - good combination! The fruit on the honeydew snow tasted actually like canned stuff so wasn't all too great. The snow was indeed fluffy but sometimes the flavors didn't shine as much as I thought they would . Perhaps I need to come back another time and try some of the other flavors that people rave about. As for the portions, they are quite big (these were the smalls) but the price was as well at over $5 for one of those plates. Ah each, his own.

Photography by Minerva Thai.