Eatery - Little Skips (NY)

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941 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221 (Neighborhood: Bushwick)
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Coffee & Tea

Though this is typically a coffee joint, I came here looking for sandwiches for lunch and to take with me on the plane back home from my NY trip earlier this month. It was the only place within walking distance from my older brother's apartment that had fair reviews for their sandwiches. Of course, when you walk into a coffeeshop looking for sandwiches, you get okay sandwiches.

Our first perception when my little brother and I stepped in was that it was fairly hipster. I mean, just looking at the people behind the counter wasn't enough. The place was jam packed (on a Monday oddly enough) with people on their laptops dressed in their hipster gear. This is not a bad thing; forgive me if it comes off that way. I just want y'all to be aware of what you'd typically see there. I liked the space but maybe I'm also more inclined to that style. Oh no - am I a hipster?

[Disclaimer: forgive my poor pictures but we got the sandwiches to-go so there wasn't any pretty set-up.] So my little brother opted for a Special sandwich in addition to the coffee I got him (I spoil him, I know) which was the Frankie (on sliced whole wheat - smoked salmon, goat cheese, apples, spinach, capers, and raspberry Dijon vinaigrette). It was fairly good but considering how strong of flavors both smoked salmon and goat cheese are on their own, I'm not sure they complemented each other as much as they fought for attention. I also learned that I should probably not eat either of those two before I get on a flight because I didn't feel all too good on the plane. Blame my sensitive stomach, hah.

Our flight sandwich was one that I chose for how well it would hold up through the airport - the Italian (a panini of Mozzarella, pesto, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette with an add-on of proscuitto). I really enjoyed the bread and the freshness of the Mozzarella. There was a tad too much of the dressing though. I mean, it really soaked through the bread. I didn't mind the abundance of pesto however because pesto is just awesome okay? The sandwich held up well during the traveling.

My lunch, however, was one that I had to eat right away considering its ingredients. I had the M Train (sliced whole wheat with goat cheese, pesto, turkey, hard-boiled egg, spinach, tomato, red onion, and honey). It was similar to a mix between the two above mentioned sandwiches. The egg and spinach definitely gave it a fresh taste but otherwise, a standard sandwich.

Just a little note, they give chips per sandwich order. I'm not sure where they get their chips from but I know it isn't housemade. They were delicious though, very delicious. I'm sure that Little Skips is lot more coffee-oriented since they ARE a coffeeshop but hey, if you need a solid sandwich (not bad or super amazing), you can give them a visit.

Photography by Minerva Thai.