Eatery - Holey Cream (NY)

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796 9th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (Neighborhood: Hell's Kitchen)
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Desserts

Why did I go here? Oh right...I was with my two brothers who wanted to indulge their faceholes with sweets (I'm not too hyped about sweets generally). My older brother who has been living in Brooklyn since February of this year pointed this place out for its donut ice cream sandwich. Talk about an indulgence!

Of course, I was able to dissuade them from getting the diabeetus-inducing dessert before dinner but after dinner, they practically beelined here. For a small joint, it's got an impressively large selection of not just ice creams but other products. I was surprised. They also had a colorful, I-promise-it's-totally-okay painting on the wall of the steps required to create a donut ice cream sandwich. I relented to my brothers' desire for getting one mainly because there were three ice cream scoop choices and I could pick one.

So between the standard donut, we had the guy slop on one scoop each of the homemade chocolate peanut butter deluxe, pumpkin pie, and homemade java Guatemala ice creams. Then he dipped the top donut half into vanilla frosting and dipped that into a container of graham cracker crumbs at our behest. The monstrosity was tackled with three forks and defeated in only a few moments. I only tasted the ice creams with the donut a few times but stuck mainly to the cold treat which was great. The best combo was the java Guatemala with the donut because hey, who doesn't think coffee and donuts go well together? Anyhow, it's a cute name and store but nothing outstanding except for a crazy concept - hence the rating!

Photography by Minerva Thai.