Eatery - Orange Tree Deli (CA)

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124 E Lincoln Ave, Orange, CA 92865
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - American, Mexican

Ah Groupon, how you make us try so many new places. Of course, I do my research prior to purchase and this place seemed to have some pretty rave reviews on Yelp so I got a voucher. Leave it to me to take forever to redeem this thing (I'm never really craving deli food come to think of it) but eventually Duc and I made our way there since we only had a few weeks left until the expiration. It's quite a hard-to-find place if you don't expect to see it cuddling next to a liquor store by a similar name.

First of all, can I just say that though our voucher was for $20, we were still short 5 cents of that with our huge order? We snagged two cookies (pretty good but nothing special even though other Yelp reviews beg to differ - we got one out of the oven too!), a half-pint of potato salad (pretty good for a deli), and sweet potato fries (huge quantity and fairly good, crisp quality). Those alone were pretty filling.


My entree order was a large of their Italian sandwich with an order too of fried zucchini. The others weren't exaggerating when they said the large sandwiches can feed more than one person. Mine was a monster! It looked good but honestly, it wasn't a truly amazing sandwich. It leaked a lot of what tasted like just Italian salad dressing. The fresh vegetables were overflowing but ultimately was a front for the paltry offering of meat. I think I got full off of the bread more than the meats. However, the side of fried zucchini was definitely the best I've had. I love fried zucchini very much so, and they did an excellent job with their batter here. I'd come back just to grab large orders of that! These were crunchy, herby, and overall still juicy inside. Delish! Duc got the bacon pepperjack cheeseburger, a hefty burger by weight but not by taste. He managed to finish it all but it was mainly the patty that was good; the rest was standard. I think coming back would be for scoring cheap eats and that fried zucchini.

Photography by Duc Duong.