Eatery - Pho Thang Long (CA) Revisited

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9550 Bolsa Ave, Ste 115A, Westminster, CA 92683
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Vietnamese

[Read the first review here.] After a rainy long day of watching Hunger Games early in the morning with my younger brother, getting Jamba Juice, shopping for clothes for him, and getting him a haircut, we wanted to get some soup in us. Unfortunately I had spent cash on his haircut and most places in the Little Saigon area for phở only take cash. We decided that we'd go back to this restaurant since we knew they took cards; once again, it's the cleanest and most chic phở restaurant I've been to. Everything was plush and orange. They did change their name to just Thang Long Restaurant as they have other foods there now but we went for the phở.

The phở got more expensive than my last visit! It was $6 for a small and $7 for a large (which is considerably bigger). I ordered a small of the phở tái nạm gần sch. The meats in it weren't very plentiful but they were good whenever I did manage to get some. The beef slices were thin just as they should be but the tripe was scarce. However, once again, they had a very clean broth for the soup. The taste was just a smidgen above average but it sure isn't the phở from Phở 79 down a few streets. It served its purpose of keeping us warm though with some good broth.