Quips & Anecdotes - Texas Trip

That is me about to eat Texas...yes. I bet it will taste delicious. Okay so why the picture? I'm most likely on a plane right now as you are reading this (if you read it on the day it's posted...) on my way to Austin, Texas or already in the Lone Star state! My cousin is getting married on Sunday, so my older brother and I shall be participating in the festivities of the joyous occasion. I'm excited because I have yet to go to Texas despite all the traveling I have done. I mean, I've been in TX for layovers before but not to visit. I figure that I will be that annoying person who will keep asking for the best places to eat. I mean, I'll make sure to do some research too but I will also be pestering the natives there. If you have been to Austin before and know of any great eats (or if you live there and want to meet up), holler my way via email/text/blog/telegram! I'd love to know what's good in this neighborhood. I'm going to do it big and then go home on Monday, hah. Cheers for Texan steers! Of course, expect eatery reviews when I get back!