Quips & Anecdotes - Back from Texas

I'm back! I got in Monday night and proceeded to relish the comfort of being home, particularly because I was sick. Can you believe that I've had a headache for 10 days straight now? It's unbelievably annoying and quite debilitating actually. I was basically in bed for almost all of yesterday, rolling around and complaining. While in Texas, however, there were so many things going on that I only got to "feel" sick whenever we rested or were en route somewhere. Otherwise, it was busy busy busy until it was time to go home. In retrospect, it probably made matters worse that I had drinks while with a headache but hey, it was part of the festivities! My cousin and his bride looked radiant, and the ceremony was amazing. Congratulations to the both of them!

So there are definitely a string of Eatery posts coming up in the next few days but I wanted to also put up a general thing on Austin. We were actually south of Austin so we weren't in the heart of the city; therefore, I can't accurately make any judgments on Austin itself. In fact, we traveled around places but they were all quite fun. The night that I landed, the group went to an event called Wurstfest.

It's funny to joke about that because it is publicized as the best sausagefest you could go to, haha. It made me think of Octoberfest in a sense but this was an annual festival celebrating German wursts! Talk about eating a lot! (Oh by the way, I forgot my camera at home so all of my pictures are from my phone - sorry.) I had some curly potato chips with cheese on top, cups of Shiner beer, a huge wurst on a stick, sauerkraut in a pita, sausage and cheese balls, and some German chocolate pie. Delicious.

Then we went to the music tent where there was just so much energy! They had a band playing using accordions and even a keytar to get the Texan and German music going. People were so excited; I loved the feel of everything, especially since most of the crowd was older. I mean, who doesn't love jumpin', bumpin' grandmas with lit-up neon red mohawk hats?

The day after, I explored a cool place called Central Market while the bachelorette party got  massages. It made me think of Whole Foods actually. I liked how they had informational displays with their food like the banana chart. It showed how many days it would take for a banana to ripen if you bought it at a certain color!

My breakfasts for the week came from their fantastic muffin display. I snagged a box that I made of chocolate cherry pistachio, white chocolate apricot, antioxidant punch, and chocolate toffee nut crunch. Don't those flavors just make your mouth water? Afterward, we went to a buffet which will be posted about tomorrow!