Eatery - Curry House (CA)

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10953 Meridian Dr, Ste P, Cypress, CA 90630
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Japanese

In a desire to feel like I was making some progress on the whole money thing (only recently employed and been working to pay off bills accrued during unemployment), I told Duc that he had no choice one night and would have to allow me to take the both of us out to dinner. Of course, I was still mindful of my finances so like any classy girlfriend, I took him to have the most extravagant dinner he'd have (...that week). Don't judge! I actually like Curry House because it sates that Japanese curry craving I get sometimes. I also love their housemade dressing and always make sure to snag a bottle any time I'm there.

So after we ordered our entrees, he got his side of miso soup. The days have been getting quite cold so soup was a good choice. Curry House makes pretty good soup actually. I like how abundant the seaweed is. It wasn't any typical miso soup that places do, bare save for a handful of tiny soft tofu chunks. This was legit.

I defaulted to their pork katsu dish since I missed katsu. A large portion came out with some salad on the side and small servings of both kidney beans and corn. Their katsu is fried to a great crisp but does not mess up the succulence of the pork. I still felt its juices with each bite. As for the curry, I went with medium heat but there wasn't even the semblance of any spiciness to the sauce. Afterward, I realized that they have 5 different levels there and the medium was just one level above the base sauce. I'll keep that in mind for next time! 'Twas a great entree that hit the spot aptly.

Duc got the keema curry rice which was ground beef in curry with a hard boiled egg, Shimeji mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, garlic, and red chili peppers. It tasted like a savory stew to be honest. It was pretty good but I concentrated mainly on my own crispy katsu since I was in need of some crunch to my meal. Ah, Curry House - always a solid choice!