Eatery - Haven Gastropub (CA)

190 S Glassell St, Orange, CA 92866
Pricing - $$/$$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - American, Gastropub

*NOTE: This is a review of the restaurant based on its offerings as given during OC Wine Week.

Duc and I decided to drop by Haven in the beginning of OC Wine Week for a light lunch. We wanted to go out for the day, and I figured it'd be a great place to snag something delicious. I had been to Haven several times before for drinks and some snackage but it had always been at night. Since it's located in Old Towne Orange, it was a great place to also go during the day.

We chose to share the OC Wine Week menu choices and went with the charcuterie plate which featured assorted salumi, their paté maison, some house-made gherkins, a fig and apricot preserve, and bread. This was paired off with a glass of Loredona Viognier from Lodi, CA as suggested by our courteous waiter. This itself was just $15 for the Wine Week. The wine went very well with the meats on our plate because it had a hint of a white peppery finish that highlighted the smokiness and slight spiciness of our cured meats. If you're wondering what charcuterie is, it's a style of cooking that handles prepared meat products whether in curing, smoking, encasing (sausages), making into confits, or even creating patés. Though I couldn't identify all of the meats individually (I'm not that good yet), they were very tasty. It was all plated to be lined up with other complementary foods; my favorite looked like a smoked beef and tasted very good with the gherkins. The paté maison was well done and when spread with the mustard seed on bread, was delicious.

We also addded a side of truffle fries in case the charcuterie plate wouldn't be sufficient and because they're fantastic here! I love how they tasted as if fried in truffle-infused oil but are not greasy. Sprinkled with truffle salt, the fries are amazing when dipped in the accompanying garlic aioli. Love them! All in all, a great light lunch. However, during regular hours and prices, it's quite the expensive place to be.