Eatery - Watson Drug & Soda Fountain (CA)

116 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92866
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - American, Diner, Desserts

You'll have to bear in mind that this review is going to be for the dessert drinks only. I have been to Watson once before, and that time, it was also only for dessert. I guess when you're walking around all day in the Californian heat, you just want a nice cold drink and probably some ice cream to go along with it. In Old Towne Orange, you can get that fix at the retro soda fountain. With its old-timey feel to it, Watson Drug and Soda Fountain is a good place to go in and relax. I never have tried the food but it looked delicious every time I saw the cooks put it up on the counter for the waitress to take out.

What Duc and I got after a long day of antique shopping were the strawberry malt and the root beer float. Let's just say that those really, really, REALLY hit the spot. The malt was well-made and perfectly thick & creamy. Real strawberries mixed into vanilla ice cream - who wouldn't want that? As for the root beer float, I knew that it would be delicious because the soda collection they've got there is phenomenal. They have the gourmet bottled kind that you can only find in a few stores around these parts. They also have fantastically creamy ice cream so the vanilla in my root beer made the day so much better. Cheers to Watson! I'll have to return again one day for their lunch. Oh and random thing to point out - they have a scale in the corner so you can check your weight if you're willing & curious!