Eatery - Thai Lanna (NC)

Thai Lanna Restaurant - 5410 NC Highway 55, Durham, NC 27713
Pricing - $/$$ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Thai | Reservations - Unnecessary

I was taken here on my way to the conference over this past weekend after a long list of ethnic options were given to me, mainly because I hadn't had Thai food in a long while. Unfortunately I hardly had time to look at the menu before the orders were taken, so I ordered the typical pad thai. Next time I will definitely have to spend some more time looking at everything and asking for more time. You should check this place out if you've got a hankering for Thai food!

Forgive the terrible picture. The lighting was dim. Salads came with the entrees and though the vegetables themselves were fairly typical, the dressing made the difference. I wanted to have more and more of this ginger cilantro specialty. It tasted healthy (probably because of the cilantro) and gave a nice texture to the crisp lettuce. I greatly enjoyed this.

Here we go with the typical Thai dish that everyone orders. At least it was "safe," though I wish I had had something else. It wasn't because it was bad but because I have pad thai all the time (I love it though). This place made it very well and even had some spiciness to it. Most Americanized Thai places don't add any heat to their dish unless asked because of some people's aversion to such. I liked how firm the noodles were and the sauce was not over done. The bean sprouts were fresh and the chicken bits plentiful. I actually liked it a lot. My friend had the green curry, which I think I may have to order next time. It was superb.