Eatery - Peony Asian Bistro (NC): Revisited

Peony Asian Bistro - 3515 Witherspoon Blvd, Durham, NC 27707
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Chinese, Japanese | Reservations - Unnecessary

My friend and I decided it was about time to sit down and eat at this place that has become our "go-to" when we want stuff "to-go." She told me that they did BOGO sushi so I wanted to give it a try after seeing the really cheap menu. I must say that we had an extremely excellent time and for quite cheap as well! I'd go again for sushi for sure.

I got the Yellowtail Cucumber Roll, two orders of Inari, and the Shrimp Tempura Roll. The yellowtail was quite delicious, and the cucumber in the roll gave a nice fresh contrast to the slight tang that yellowtail tends to have. The inari made me realize how much I had missed Inari! I had my friend try it and she thought it was great even though she was a little wary at first, haa. The shrimp tempura was okay but it was probably because the roll was warm that I didn't like it. Otherwise, the sauce drizzled on top was excellent.

So when my friend eats sushi, she eats "sushi," as in the vegetarian option so here are pictures of the California Roll and the Sweet Potato Tempura Roll (who the heck makes that?). She enjoyed her meal but I didn't try any of it to see what it was like.

So I got all of my sushi for a mere $11.24. Isn't that nuts? Also, I took a picture of the receipt because it printed with Chinese. I was so psyched about it, haha.



  1. Now I have a craving for sushi. =] Maybe you can make some and post pics/instructions!