Eatery - Peony Asian Bistro (NC)

Peony Asian Bistro - 3515 Witherspoon Blvd, Durham, NC 27707
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual | Cuisine - Chinese, Japanese | Reservations - Unnecessary

To be honest, I have only eaten here when I hang out with my friend who lives near there and both times they were take-out orders. Nevertheless, I suppose the reviews are more of commentaries on the food rather than the setting. I was quite pleased the first time I ordered from here. The second time I had food from here, I got a dish I did not expect but I still enjoyed it so that was good for them, haha. Their portions are large and take me two meals to finish but the containers they come in (for take-out) are reusable and quite sturdy. I approve!

 Above is the Salt and Pepper Shrimp dinner entree. When I had ordered it over the phone, I was thinking of shell-on shrimp that had been cooked in light, light batter that would hardly be distinguishable and presented with salt-and-pepper lemon sauce. I guess I was used to other types of Salt and Pepper Shrimp from restaurants back home. These were still pretty good though in terms of taste. I didn't like how the fried batter had gotten a bit soggy but I would attribute that to our being late in picking the food up (the condensation from the lid made this happen). The shrimp came on a bed of crispies and with some vegetables. The rice was packed separately and pretty standard.

I had also ordered their egg drop soup because I love soup so much. The portion was pretty sizeable for the cheap price, and I actually ate this first and nearly felt full afterward. It was oddly very yellow, but I disregarded that because of how much I enjoyed its taste. The broth was satisfying and rich. The wonton crisps that came along with the soup added some fun flavor to each spoonful as well (they aren't pictured because hey were packed separately). I'd definitely get more of this again.