Eatery - KoKyu (NC)

KoKyu - Food Truck, Durham, NC
Pricing - $ | Dining - Casual, To-Go | Cuisine - Barbecue

I went with my friends last night to check out this bar/brewery called Fullsteam that made its own beer from locally grown ingredients. I didn't manage to snag any pictures while I was there, so I'll just have to visit again to do a real post. I did try all the beers there so that was pretty sweet.

Anyhow, Fullsteam doesn't serve food really so there are usually food trucks in the area. The nearest one once we got hungry was the KoKyu truck and my oh my was it fantastic. I went there to get a short rib slider...and then had to go back for another.

This was a picture from my second trip there because my friend wanted another one as well. The short rib slider had perfectly barbecued short rib, sesame seeds, pickled cucumber slices, radish kimchi, and (the big seller for the whole morsel) rooster mayo. It was one of the most delicious "hamburger" things I've ever had. Though it was small and $3, it was definitely worth it. I seriously wanted more.

My friend grabbed a short rib "tako" and some duckfat tots which had rooster mayo dipping sauce and were seasoned with rosemary and black pepper. I didn't get to try his tako but the tots were fried so well. The seasoning made them ridiculously amazing but the combination of that and the crisp outside + soft inside easily made them one of the best tots I've had.

I'm going to have to find this truck every time I'm out in downtown Durham now. Go find it too! It will be well worth it, I swear.