Quips & Anecdotes - Anniversary with a Duke

Have I ever told you the story of how Duc and I met? You'll have to ask us some time when you next see us but the story involves meeting each other, feeling a spark between the two of us, and then not hearing from each other for six years (very truncated version). The story of our relationship takes place after those six years. We'd taken different paths in our lives full of different experiences but somehow managed to cross paths again and find common ground. He could teach me about wine; I could teach him about food. Our first reunion shocked us (privately) because the spark was definitely still there. Conversation flowed easily, and without hesitation, we arranged to meet again. I even left the country for a month but we touched base nearly daily.

The first recipe he shot for the blog was French toast...and it was the first time he'd ever had French toast

Today is our second anniversary together as a couple but it certainly does not feel like a mere two years. From August 1, 2011 to now, we have seen each other just about every day. It's hard to keep away! It's also hard to say to some people that we're currently boyfriend-girlfriend, not husband-wife like many mistake us for when they first meet us. For the most part, we've stopped correcting others. It's never been a matter of "if," but "when." It's pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

I wow-ed him our first month by making 5+ platters of finger foods for his friends at his wine education dinner

The real purpose of this post though is to say happy anniversary to my wonderful, amazing duke. He has somehow squirmed himself into my blog life in an indispensable way. The pictures have morphed Much Ado About Fooding into something grander than pre-2011. His guidance has also steered me towards taking my own more-informed photographs (with better gear) for the posts. We have a designated closet space at his apartment where my growing collection of food styling props is housed. The events find Duc in tow and snapping away while I get to know the people in attendance.

We bonded at our re-uniting over the fact that we were stout lovers.

I'm glad that I was able to tear him away from his past lifestyle of baconeggsricespamrepeat that was his only food source. It has been a blast exposing him to various foods throughout our blog adventures and watching the joys as we discover great fare together. I say our blog because that's what it has become, hasn't it? Let's face it - I'm sure many of you scroll through the posts just to see what amazing food photography he's managed to capture. I'm happy about that, and though I write always with the "I" in tone, it's only because he doesn't write. Much Ado About Fooding's our blog. Don't be surprised when you start seeing more of Duc and his information up on the site the coming weeks. I want y'all to know just how integral he is to the success of the blog and where it is today.

Did I mention that my thoughtful Ducasaurus is growing me a garden to play with?! (Source graphic: unknown)

I don't think I can thank him enough for everything that he has given to me and MAAF though I suppose more peanut butter chocolates from his favorite, Valenza Chocolatier, couldn't hurt. Duc, my dear, I'm excited about this anniversary and the many more to come. Thanks for putting up with all of the events, experiments in the kitchen, moments when I gesture at you to rush over to take a picture, and crazy late blogging nights. You are a much appreciated guinea pig and an irreplaceable, super useful piece of arm candy (much more than just that, I promise!). Thanks for all that you've taught me and the future things you will. Now, let's celebrate by attending way too many food events (of course) and seeing lions at the San Diego Safari Park!



  1. I want to pinch both your cheeks, you ol' married couple.

  2. I'm so happy for you AHHHHHHH you're so adorable together. I miss seeing you online :P

    -Laughing Man

    1. Aw thanks <3 and yeah, I never have time to get on Steam anymore! Sorry =[