Event - "In Organic We Trust" Screening

Round 2 of The Positive Plate's "Positively Delicious OC" event series was a screening of "In Organic We Trust" with a Q&A afterward with the director himself, Kip Pastor.


The screening was held at the Grand Central Art Center in downtown Santa Ana and had a small half hour reception in the open space prior to being seated for the viewing. There were a few tables from people representing Yes on Prop 37, Zucchini Xpress (kale chip samples!), Simply Straws (reusable glass straws), and Memphis at the Santora. Duc and I were a little hungry so we snagged a hot dog from them (The Austin) and munched while waiting. Eventually everyone was let in and seated (with free popcorn!).


We first heard from Jesse at Ecofficiency, the mother organization that heads The Positive Plate. After which, the other featured sponsors in attendance spoke including Alison from Zucchini Xpress and Cyndi from Simply Straws about the ways in which they also believe in the food and environmental causes.

If you haven't seen the documentary yet, I suggest you do just so you know about the behind-the-scenes of organic. The information presented led to a lively discussion during the Q&A with Kip on research being done now and then. With 30-40 people in the room, the event seemed to hit a good crowd of those concerned with organics and food health. The film itself did what it was meant to do - help push along the healthy and local food movement. It's not yet released on DVD because its inaugural year of publication is meant just for screenings just like this so that communities can talk about what steps they can take to ensure that we and our children are all safe. Perhaps you can get in contact with The Positive Plate to see how you can help in this area.